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E-Commerce SEO | Health Supplements

Case study of online health supplements store from relative obscurity to becoming a powerhouse in organic search results.

The Story

Targeted traffic Country: Worldwide
CMS: Shopify
Working period: from 2023 03
Niche: Health Supplements

In March 2023, our client, a provider of premium health supplements, discovered themselves with a top-notch product in a market full of potential.

Although there was a high search volume indicating a strong customer interest, their knowledge of digital marketing did not include SEO.

Realizing the gap, they approached us for our expertise in enhancing their brand online and converting search interest into tangible results in terms of website traffic and sales.

SEO Beat Example 7

The Challenge

The task at hand was quite complex: establishing a strong foundation for optimizing search engine visibility, differentiating ourselves in a competitive market, and generating a substantial increase in organic website visitors that would ultimately lead to measurable business growth and profitability.

However, there’s an intriguing twist:

By chance, the brand was already attracting some organic traffic. Through their dedicated work, they had unknowingly achieved strong positions in organic search rankings, showcasing their brand’s strength and visibility.

So, what happens when you implement SEO-focused strategies with precision? The growth potential is limitless.

The Solution

Our strategy was aggressive and straightforward, aimed at both quick wins and long-term growth:

  1. Keyword Opportunity Mapping: We undertook an exhaustive keyword research process to find untapped opportunities, focusing on long-tail keywords that were less competitive but highly relevant to our client’s niche.
  2. Technical SEO Overhaul: We bolstered site health with a comprehensive technical SEO overhaul. This included improving site speed, ensuring mobile optimization, and enhancing site architecture for easier navigation.
  3. Quality Content Development: We have created and published a lot of informational, authoritative articles that targeted our keyword/topical map.
  4. Link Building: Adopting a ‘quality over quantity’ mindset, we engaged in strategic outreach to gain high-quality backlinks from reputable sites within the health and wellness sector.
  5. User Engagement and Retention: We optimized user engagement through personalized newsletters, retargeting campaigns, and loyalty rewards programs.
  6. E-A-T Strategy: We amplified the site’s Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) by featuring guest posts from certified nutritionists and user-generated reviews.
  7. Monitoring: With an eye on analytics, we maintained flexibility in our strategy to respond to performance data and algorithm updates dynamically.

The Result

E-Commerce SEO Health Supplements Case Study

Our multi-pronged approach led to a staggering increase in organic traffic, skyrocketing from a baseline of around 8,000 monthly visits to over 75,000.

The website now boasts top SERP positions for numerous high-impact keywords, a robust backlink profile, and a vastly improved conversion rate. The site’s bounce rate dropped, while average session durations and pages per session saw significant increases.

The success story of this health supplements store serves as an exemplar in the SEO industry, demonstrating that with a comprehensive, adaptable strategy, even brands in competitive markets can achieve exponential organic growth.

The methods and tactics employed here can be replicated and tailored to similar businesses looking to carve out their own success story in the digital realm.