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E-Commerce SEO | Outdoor Niche

Multimillion e-commerce outdoor products brand without SEO. This case study details our strategic approach to integrating SEO practices that successfully boosted organic traffic and generated additional sales.

The Story

Targeted traffic Country: US
CMS: Shopify
Working period: from 2023 04 – 2023 12
Niche: Outdoor

Despite its significant market presence, our client—a multimillion-dollar brand specializing in outdoor products—had not previously leveraged SEO to enhance its online visibility and sales.

This case study outlines the strategic SEO initiatives implemented for an e-commerce company specializing in premium outdoor products, primarily targeting the US market.

SEO Beat Example 2

The Challenge

Their website was not optimized for search engines, resulting in negligible organic traffic at all.

The company’s sales were predominantly driven by advertising campaigns on Google and Meta platforms. Notably, they had not utilized search engine optimization (SEO) as a channel for traffic and sales generation.

This means that potential customers searching for their niche products were not finding their website, severely impacting their ability to compete and drive even more sales. They were getting traffic only from the brand-name keywords.

Simply put, the website wasn’t optimized for search engines, and here’s what that looked like:

  • Poor Website Structure: Navigation was confusing, making it hard for both users and search engines to find important content.
  • Unoptimized URLs: Their URLs were non-descriptive and did not align with SEO best practices.
  • Lacking Metadata: Essential metadata such as title tags and meta descriptions were either missing or not optimized.
  • Inadequate Interlinking: There was a lack of effective internal links, which limited the site’s SEO potential and user engagement.
  • Insufficient Backlinks: The website had very few backlinks, reducing its authority and search engine trust.
  • Unrelated Content: The content on the site did not adequately target relevant keywords or answer the common queries of their audience.

and other technical errors.

The Solution

A comprehensive audit revealed the need for a dual-focused strategy: building authority and enhancing direct traffic to product categories and pages.

The solution was straightforward.

We started by creating articles. In total, we had 70 written and published informational articles in 6 months.

These articles were not just filler content but were designed to provide value to the target audience, covering topics relevant to the company’s product range. This approach aimed to position the website as a knowledge hub within its niche.

Alongside content creation, a deliberate structure was established to facilitate internal linking. This structure ensured that articles served not only as informational resources but also as pathways, guiding visitors toward product pages and categories. Such internal linking practices are vital for distributing page authority and enhancing the user experience.

Concurrently, an extensive outreach campaign was conducted. This effort was focused on acquiring backlinks from reputable sites within the industry, further solidifying the website’s authority and relevance in the eyes of search engines.

The Result

E-Commerce SEO Outdoor Niche Case Study

That was the most common and standard SEO practice. The website’s main product-related keywords, along with various synonyms, began ranking in the top 3 search results.

This significant improvement in rankings marked a breakthrough in the site’s visibility and organic search performance.

The establishment of the website as an authoritative source within its niche, backed by a robust internal linking structure and reinforced through strategic backlink acquisition, laid a solid foundation for sustained organic growth.