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E-Commerce SEO | Women’s Clothing

Learn how we refined our client's website structure to boost online authority and improve visibility among fierce competition. This case study details the strategic enhancements we made to streamline organic traffic flow to critical product categories, significantly increasing their visibility and sales potential.

The Story

Targeted traffic Country: US
CMS: Shopify
Working period: from 2021 09 – 2024 01
Niche: Women’s Clothing

Despite achieving sales, the brand faced significant challenges in establishing online authority and standing out amidst stiff competition.

The primary objective was to refine the website’s structure to facilitate traffic flow toward key product categories, thereby enhancing visibility and sales potential.

SEO Beat Example 1

The Challenge

Addressing the SEO challenges for our client’s Shopify based e-shop involved a deep dive into several critical areas that were negatively impacting their site’s performance.

Here’s a breakdown of the main issues we tackled:

  • Metadata Issues: The site suffered from poorly optimized or missing metadata, including title tags, meta descriptions, and ALT tags for images.
  • URL Structure Problems: There was significant duplication in URLs for categories and products, creating confusion for search engines and users alike.
  • Duplicate Content: Multiple pages contained identical or very similar content, which leads to search engine penalties as it dilutes the site’s relevance and authority. This includes duplicated product descriptions and category pages competing against each other for the same keywords.
  • Lack of Required Content: The site lacked comprehensive content that targets potential customers throughout the buyer’s journey. This includes missing product details, category descriptions, and informative blog posts that can attract and convert visitors and maintain a healthy interlinking structure.
  • Slow Site Speed: Load times can dramatically affect user experience and SEO rankings. Many Shopify sites struggle with optimizing image sizes, leveraging browser caching, and reducing unnecessary JavaScript and CSS.
  • Internal Linking: Internal linking on the site was insufficient, failing to guide users and search engine crawlers through the site effectively.
  • Lack of Structured Data: The absence of structured data (Schema markup) means missing out on the opportunity to enhance listings in SERPs with rich snippets, which can improve click-through rates and visibility.
  • Poor Quality Backlinks: The website haven’t got any high-quality backlinks leading to main website pages.

The Solution

The primary objective was to refine the website’s structure to facilitate traffic flow toward key product categories, thereby enhancing visibility and sales potential.

The initial phase involved a comprehensive audit of the website to identify and rectify structural, metadata inefficiencies and other SEO requirements.

This audit extended to a thorough review of both internal and external linking practices to ensure optimal navigation and authority transfer.

With the foundational SEO elements in place, the focus shifted towards content creation. The strategy centered on crafting and disseminating articles closely related to the brand’s product offerings. These pieces were not merely promotional but aimed to provide value through informative and how-to content, thereby organically building the site’s authority and relevance in its niche.

We embarked on targeted outreach campaigns. These campaigns were designed to foster relationships with relevant online entities, further amplifying the site’s visibility and authority through strategic partnerships and backlink acquisition.

The Result

E-Commerce SEO Women’s ClothingThe concerted SEO and content marketing efforts yielded significant improvements in the site’s online visibility and authority.

Notably, the website began to attract a substantial volume of traffic directly to its product category pages, marking a pivotal shift in its online engagement and sales potential. This influx of targeted traffic has laid a robust foundation for further growth, with ample opportunities to scale these results moving forward.

This case study exemplifies the transformative power of strategic SEO and content marketing for e-commerce entities. The women’s apparel brand has markedly enhanced its online footprint by meticulously optimizing website structure, leveraging high-quality content, and engaging in purposeful outreach.