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Finance Service-Based Business SEO

Discover how our created tool hub became a key driving organic traffic to our clients site. This case study outlines the strategic development and success of the method.

The Story

Targeted traffic Country: Worldwide
CMS: WordPress
Working period: from 2022 11 – 2024 03
Niche: Finance

A company found itself invisible in its competitive niche, receiving no organic traffic from potential clients. Our primary objective was clear: to break through and increase our client’s organic search presence, thereby attracting more potential customers who were actively searching for their services.

SEO Beat Example 3

The Challenge

A thorough audit revealed several critical SEO issues, the site’s structure was confusing:

  • URLs and metadata were improperly configured.
  • Website speed was terrible as well as Google Core Web Vitals.
  • Redirect chains were found.
  • The content and information about the services were outdated and appeared not related (articles) to the website’s niche at all.
  • The website has had very weak backlinks profile.

Simply put, the website’s SEO infrastructure was in a situation of disarray, while the competition presented a significant challenge.

The Solution

First of all, to address these issues, we embarked on a comprehensive on-site optimization campaign. This involved clarifying the site’s structure, correcting URLs, interlinks and metadata, eliminating unnecessary redirect chains, and streamlining content for relevance and clarity.

With the on-site issues resolved, the next challenge was to drive significant traffic and increase the site’s authority. While our efforts included optimizing main service pages, a unique strategy was introduced: creating a calculators hub.

This hub was created to attract a large number of visitors through organic search only. We found out that it could be achievable by building the website’s authority by providing valuable tools – calculators that are relevant to the services offered.

To further enhance the site’s usability and customer engagement, we incorporated user-friendly features for financial services, mimicking an e-commerce-style approach. This included features like online appointment booking, service comparisons, and instant quotes, making financial services easily accessible and user-centric.

The Result

Finance Service-Based Business SEO Case Study

We have developed a comprehensive hub of six service-related calculators, complemented by 38 written and published how-to articles that address and thoroughly cover the most pertinent topics (based on search volume) related to our client’s field.

Over 10 months, we executed an outreach campaign, securing top-quality backlinks that direct to articles, service-related pages and the calculator hub, thereby enhancing our site’s authority and relevance in the industry. The calculator hub became a gateway, funneling traffic throughout the site. This influx of visitors led to top-ranking positions for our service landing pages.

Our e-commerce style approach also led to a significant increase in online engagement and service inquiries. The user-friendly portal allowed clients to easily access and compare financial services, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Additionally, we leveraged this increased visibility by placing commercial banners on various pages, further enhancing ROI and service inquiries.

This case study exemplifies how addressing fundamental SEO issues and employing creative strategies can transform a website’s online presence.

By simplifying the site’s structure, fixing technical SEO problems, and introducing a unique traffic-driving feature, we achieved significant organic traffic growth in a highly competitive niche, leading to improved rankings and increased service inquiries.