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Specialized Legal Service Business SEO

This case study highlights the journey of a specialized legal service firm that improved its online visibility and client acquisition through a focused SEO campaign. With just one keyword and a few strategically developed landing pages, we started generating a decent number of organic traffic.

The Story

Targeted traffic Country: Finland
CMS: WordPress/WooCommerce
Working period: from 2023 11 – 2024 03
Niche: Legal service

Our client, a specialized legal service provider, recognized the significance of digital marketing in enhancing their market reach.

In addition to their traditional services, they had also built a business around e-commerce, selling additional products such as online consultations directly to consumers. However, they encountered limitations due to their service offerings being narrowly tailored around a singular keyword.

Despite the substantial search volume for this keyword, the firm’s potential to attract leads was hampered by the absence of a robust SEO strategy and their newly launched website, which lacked domain rating (DR) and domain authority (DA). This situation underscored the need for a comprehensive approach to optimize their online presence, leveraging both their legal expertise and e-commerce capabilities.

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The Challenge

The main difficulty was the highly specific nature of the service, which was restricted to a single keyword with intense competition.

We had to develop a strategy that could overcome the challenges of ranking for a highly competitive term.

  1. Narrow Keyword Focus: The service was synonymous with a singular, highly competitive keyword that was crucial for their business but difficult to rank for due to the stiff competition from established firms.
  2. Content Limitations: With only a few landing pages, the content available for optimization was sparse. We needed to maximize the impact of each word and link.
  3. SEO Knowledge Gap: The firm’s understanding of SEO was limited, requiring not just an overhaul of their online presence, but also education and training to maintain SEO best practices.
  4. Backlink Deficiency: They haven’t got any backlinks which are vital for improving SERP rankings, especially for competitive keywords.

The Solution

We tackled the problem with a comprehensive approach that was both creative and methodical:

  1. Keyword Optimization and Expansion: We refined the keyword focus to include variations and long-tail phrases associated with the primary keyword. This approach targeted a broader but still relevant audience.
  2. High-Quality Content Creation: For the landing pages, we produced rich, informative content that leveraged the primary keyword. Each piece was meticulously crafted to serve the dual purpose of education and conversion, ensuring better user engagement and dwell time.
  3. Strategic Internal Linking: We implemented an intelligent internal linking structure that facilitated the distribution of link equity across pages, enhancing the site’s overall SEO profile.
  4. Outreach: To build a profile of high-quality backlinks, we embarked on a targeted outreach campaign. This involved crafting personalized pitches to authoritative legal blogs, forums, and news outlets, offering valuable content exchanges that would benefit both parties.
  5. Client Empowerment: We equipped the firm with the tools and knowledge to understand SEO trends, enabling them to make informed decisions and contribute to ongoing optimization efforts.
  6. Performance Tracking and Analysis: Utilizing advanced analytics, we monitored keyword rankings, backlink quality, and landing page performance to iterate on our strategy in real-time.

The Result

Specialized Legal Service Business SEO Case Study

The targeted approach yielded impressive results. The firm’s primary focus skyrocketed in popularity, propelling them to the top of search results.

Organic traffic to their landing pages saw a 600% increase, and the quality of backlinks improved dramatically, signaling enhanced trust from search engines. The client reported a substantial uptick in qualified leads and consultations, attributing this growth to the newfound clarity and authority of their online presence.

The success of this legal firm illustrates that with a precise strategy and a dedication to quality, even the most niche services can achieve remarkable SEO results and substantial business growth.