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E-Commerce SEO | Home Goods | Recovering Organic Traffic

This case study delves into our developed strategy, which not only restored the client's online visibility and organic traffic after a complete drop-off but also elevated their organic keyword positions to new heights.

The Story

Targeted traffic Country: US
CMS: Custom
Working period: from 2023 12
Niche: Home Goods

Our client, a provider of eco-friendly home products, faced a sudden and significant decline in website organic traffic as a result of recent algorithm updates (2023 November Google Core Update) and increased competition in the market.

Despite having a superior product range and a strong ethical commitment, their online presence had almost disappeared, putting their business continuity and brand recognition at risk.

SEO Beat Example 6

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to diagnose the underlying issues contributing to the traffic drop, which included outdated SEO practices, a website that was not optimized for user engagement, and a lack of authoritative content.

The client’s digital infrastructure had failed to evolve alongside the rapidly changing algorithms, causing them to lose their online visibility and fall behind in search engine results pages (SERPs).

The 2023 Core November update, documented as one of the lengthiest and most volatile, affected a broad spectrum of sites, impacting rankings across various queries and languages. It was crucial to discern the specific aspects of the client’s website that were not aligned with the new search quality expectations set by Google.

The Solution

Our customized SEO solution included:

  • Thorough Content Analysis:  We assessed content based on its expertise and how well it meets user needs, a key aspect of the update.
  • Semantic SEO: We transformed the website’s content strategy by employing semantic SEO. This involved a sophisticated analysis of user intent, topic clusters, and the use of natural language processing to align content with the nuanced needs of the audience.
  • Improving User Experience: We focused on Core Web Vitals and general UI/UX experience, which are important metrics for enhancing user satisfaction that the update likely took into account. We revamped the brand’s narrative by weaving sustainability stories throughout the site. This included customer testimonials, impact stories, and transparent supply chain insights, boosting engagement and dwell time.
  • Enhancing Authority Signals: We boosted the website’s credibility by acquiring a wide range of high-quality backlinks from reputable sources in the sustainability field.
  • Metadata: We made updates to the metadata and descriptions for all pages in order to improve the click-through rate and optimize them for the most important terms.

The Result

E-Commerce SEO Home Goods Case Study

This multi-layered strategy led to a dramatic turnaround, with organic traffic escalating to over 12,000 monthly visitors.

The client’s website surged in rankings for key sustainability-related terms, and user engagement metrics such as average session duration and pages per session increased significantly. The synergy between innovative SEO tactics and an enhanced user experience established a robust foundation for enduring online success in a highly specialized market.

Embracing the intricacies of the Google Core Update was not merely about recovery; it became an opportunity for digital transformation that set a new benchmark for organic growth in the sustainability niche.